Whichever one you choose you’ll be amazed at just how these tiny creatures perform feats of intricate and beautiful engineering right before your eyes! All the kits contain everything you need to set up your ant farm, and once it is set up, a voucher to obtain your live ants to populate it. But, if you don’t want to wait for your ants to arrive, why not order them with your kit, so you can be up and running in no time? And the kids won’t be disappointed at having to wait! You’ll see we show two options; with and without live ants.

Special! Uncle Milton Ant Farm with Live Ants for under $20!

Giant Ant Farm

giant ant farmThis is just about the biggest ant farm you can get! It has a HUGE 15″ x 10″ viewing area. It’ll support upto 75 ants quite easily, making the GIANT ant farm one of the busiest places on your street! This great kit is excellent for those who want to get a bit more involved with their ants and contains everything you need: water dropper, feeder, special sand and an informative guide so you don’t go wrong!

Twin Ant Farms

two ant farmsThis is a good idea. Two interconnected ant farms. Your pets will feel like they’re living in a parallel universe (or something like that!). It’ll also give your ants the opportunity to get to know the neighbours of they want to. Ants are, of course, highly social creatures and you’ll have hours of pleasure in watching the two groups communicate with each other!

Ant Hill Habitat Kit

Ant hill ant farm

Watch as your ant pets burrow underground to create an amazing network of subterranean tunnels, walkways and secret chambers. Features realistic double-sided viewing area, wide base for super stability, escape-proof locking lid, special AntHill fill sand, fun ant activities and complete maintenance instructions. Large 11″x5.5″x8.25″ size make this a great kit for younger children.

Rainbow Ant Farm

rainbow ant farmWhat a great idea! The rainbow Ant Farm comes with five different colored sands that you pour into the farm in any funky design you like. Watch your ants get to work building their tunnels and messing it all up for you! They might not win any prizes for their artwork but they’ll sure keep you and the kids entertained for hours! Includes curved acrylic habitat, magnifying glass, 5 colors of special sand and instruction booklet. This is a great starter kit for both children and adults.

Ant-O-Sphere Ant Farm

ant-o-sphere ant farmSomeone’s really been thinking about how to keep our ant friends amused. With eight interconnecting pods your ant pets will have a great time finding their way around and visiting their friends in the other pods. It’s a little fiddly to set up, but once you’ve got it established it’s easy to keep and great fun to watch.

Wild Science Ant Mine

ant mine ant farmA little different from the usual sand-filled ant farm, the ant mine uses a plaster of paris template that you create yourself, using materials in the kit. It’s a bit of an unusual concept but it seems to work well, according to the positive reviews that thrilled users have left.

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