Gel ant arms are great for people who want to get started straight away and not have to load their ant farm up with sand and check moisture levels. They make a great gift and are especially interesting as you can see your ants from all sides as they tunnel through the gel. There’s a whole range of gel ant farms out there, as we show below. They come with a voucher to order your live ants but, if you don’t want to wait for your ants to arrive, why not order them with your kit, so you can be up and running in no time? And the kids won’t be disappointed at having to wait! You’ll see we show two options for each farm; with and without live ants.

Special! Uncle Milton Ant Farm with Live Ants for under $20!


Unlighted Gel Ant Farm

Antworks Ant FarmThe Antworks Gel Ant Farm was just about the first on the market and is still a top seller. It requires no power, unlike many others shown here, and because the ants eat the gel as they tunnel, they don’t even need feeding. The gel contains all the nutirients that the ants need to keep them healthy and energetic. You’ll have hours of fun just watching them at work. The Antworks Gel Ant Farm is just about the last word in maintenance-free pet keeping!

Illuminated Gel Ant Farm

Green Gel Ant FarmThis is a great gift. And the green gel gives this ant farm a sort of eerie effect when it’s illuminated with its built-in L.E.D lights. This type of Ant Farm was devised by NASA scientists when they wanted to understand how ants responded to weightlessness in space! What they learned we still don’t know but we’ve got a lot to thank them for as the illuminated gel ant farm is just about one of the coolest things you can buy!

Ants On My Ceiling Ant Farm

Ceiling Ants

This a great idea from the top brains in ant farm research! A circular gel ant farm, so you can see your ants from all angles, and more than this….a battery-powered lamp that shines up through the gel and projects moving shadows of your ants as they tunnel away, on your ceiling. Like other gel ant farms, no food or water is necessary, and the whole unit is completely self-contained. Lie in bed at night, shine this on your ceiling and give yourself a whole bunch of nightmares!

Colors of Life Ant Farm

Multi Color Ant Farm

WOW! NEW, continuously changing lighting system adds a whole new dimension to ant farming. Uses a unique multi color LED illuminator to bathe the clear gel in a rainbow of colors. And, if there’s one color you particularly like, you can hold the sequence wherever you want. How brilliant is that? The gel contains nutrients and water, so you don’t even need to feed them! This has to be the ultimate in maintenance-free pet keeping!

Antworks Sculpture Kit

Ant works Scupture KitTurn your ants’ tunnels into treasured pieces of art with this sculpture kit. AntWorks Sculpture is designed for use once your ants have completed their life’s work in your AntWorks habitat. The remaining channels and tunnels are complex and even beautiful. Create a permanent art piece from their tunnels by pouring clear resin into the habitat and wait for it to harden. Rinse away the loose gel and what remains is a stunning sculpture. An included illumination base adds another dimension to the beauty. AntWorks habitat not included with this sculpture kit.

AntWorks TVQuarium

TVQuarium Ant FarmIf you have difficulty getting your kids away from the TV, perhaps this will persuade them! They might not know it’s not a real TV. Cool blue illumination and a comprehensive set of accessories such as a magnifying glass, extreme zoom lens and a tunnel starter tool, to give your ants a helping hand, make this one of the best value ant farms available today..

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