I guess we just have to accept it, there’s more to life than insects! It’s not easy to admit it, but there are lots of other interesting creastures out there that are easy to keep, fun to watch and educational too. So perhaps it’s about time we dipped into the world of amphibians, crustaceans, worms and plants to see what sort of gifts you can get for your kids.

Medium Butterfly Kit

Butterfly KitGrow upto five Painted Lady butterflies in this one foot tall net cage with a zipper for easy access. Comes with all the equipment and food that you need to keep your adult butterflies happy: mister, butterfly feeder, sugar, dropper, cage and easy instructions. A great value kit with lots of interest for everyone.

Giant Butterfly Kit

Painted Lady Kit

Giant Butterfly rearing kit. Each kit contains everything you need to grow up to 10 Painted Lady butterflies. Cage is two feet high and can be hung up for easy viewing. Watch the caterpillars feed, grow then pupate and finally hatch as adult butterflies. You can even release the adult butterlies into the wild once they have fully developed!

Hermit Crab Kit

Hermit Crab

  • A wonderful way to teach children the responsibilities and fun of owning a pet. Have fun learning about hermit crabs as you take care of them. This is great for kids of all ages; plus classrooms, science classes, offices and homes.With mail-in voucher for ants. Sold as a pair because they don’t like to be on their own

Wonderful Worm Farm

Worm FarmEven the great Charles Darwin himself was fascinated by worms. In fact it was he who realised their importance in keeping our soil in good condition. He noted how they drew dead leaves down into their burrows, so promoting decomposition. He recorded their activities in his garden over several decades so he really knew his worms. They’re also a lot more interesting to watch than you might imagine. With this colorful worm farm you can find out what interested the Great Man so much!

School Size Butterfly Kit

School Butterfly KitLike the kits described above but this time with thirty caterpillars, each in its own individual cup, one for each student. Contains all the equipment you’ll need for a fascinating school project. You can run the project any time of the year if you keep them inside or release them into the wild if it’s over 50 deg.

Grow Your Own Frog Kit

Live Frog Kit

Welcome to the world of amphibians! These animals evolved from the lungfishes and were the first to leave the water and walk upon the land. They’ve been around for millions and millions of years. You’ll learn why amphibians are so dependent on water for their reproduction and how the reptiles evolved from them. Amphibians make great pets because they’re so undemanding. Learn more about their fascinating life cycle as you grow your own tadpoles into full sized adult bullfrogs!


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