Sea Monkeys? Whoever came up with that name knew what they were talking about. These fascinating creatures, which are actually brine shrimps. will perform all sort of acrobatics (or is it aquabatics?) as they feed and interact with each other. They’re easy to keep and fascinating to watch. The reason that they make good pets is that their eggs can remain viable even when completely dried out. It’s an evolutionary strategy that enables them to survive in areas when temporary pools exist, they feed and breed when the rains form pools and puddles and then survive as eggs when the pools dry out.

Magiquarium Kit



What a great starter kit!. Not only does it contain everything you need to hatch, grow and keep your sea monkeys. The tank actually glows in the dark, as you can see here. Just place the tank in strong light for a while and it will absorb enough energy to glow for many hours afterwards.

Classic Ocean Zoo

This is the original sea monkeys kit that started the sea monkeys craze, all those years ago. Inn this tank you can hatch your own pets and watch them grow and mature into adults. Watch their fascinating behavior and see how they interact with each other. Not just for kids either, anyone can become a sea monkey fan, just put one of these on your desk in the office and see how many new friends you suddenly get!

One particular behavioral feature you may see is commonly called ‘mate guarding’. When a male sea monkey finds a mature female that he wants to mate with. He will cling on to her back to ward off other males from coming near. However, in the sea monkey world, size is everything! If a bigger male decides to muscle in, the male will reluctantly relinquish his prize, so that the bigger male can mate with the female.

You might see lots of things like this going on in your Ocean Zoo!

Sea Monkey Wall Projector

Sea Monkey Wall ProjectorWhat a brilliant idea! A complete kit in which to raise your sea monkeys but with awall projector attached so you can see them in detail on your bedroom wall. Just turn down the lights, pop the popcorn and you’re ready to go for an evening of riveting entertainment! Who knows, one of them might win an Oscar!

Sea Monkey Magic Castle

This is the ideal kit for all you fantastists. Just like the others it contains all the equipment and supplies to grow your sea monkeys, with the added attraction of an under-sea wonderland for them to play in.

With towering spires and soaring arches, they’ll never be short of somewhere to play and/or hide. The tank has a magnifying lid so you can watch life of your little pets in detailed close up. And they really don’t mind being watched. sometimes you get the feeling that they’re just showing off!

The following snippet, from the estimable Wikipedia gives an idea of the evolutionary background of these fascinating creatures:

Artemia is a genus of aquatic crustaceans known as brine shrimp. Artemia, the only genus in the family Artemiidae, has changed little externally since the Triassic period. The historical record of the existence of Artemia dates back to 982 from Urmia Lake, Iran, although the first unambiguous record are the report and drawings made by Schlösser in 1756 of animals from Lymington, England.Artemia populations are found worldwide in inland saltwater lakes, but not in oceans. Artemia are able to avoid cohabitating with most types of predators, such as fish, by their ability to live in waters of very high salinity up to 250‰. The ability of the Artemia to produce dormant eggs, known as cysts, has led to extensive use of Artemia in aquaculture.

The cysts may be stored for long periods and hatched on demand to provide a convenient form of live feed for larval fish and crustaceans. Nauplii of the brine shrimp Artemia constitute the most widely used food item, and over 2000 tonnes of dry Artemia cysts are marketed worldwide annually. In addition, the resilience of Artemia makes them ideal animals for running biological toxicity assays and is now one of the standard organisms for testing the toxicity of chemicals. A breed of Artemia is sold as a novelty gift under the marketing name Sea-Monkeys.

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