You’ve arrived at Ant Farm Central,  the Antformation Station. This is where you can browse all the latest in Ant Farm technology and find out about ants too. Ant farms are great for kids! It gives them the chance to learn without even realizing it. And now it’s more fun than ever with the new Gel Ant Farms! Devised by NASA and now here for you!

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Ant Work Ant Farm No LightThe AntWorks Ant Farm is the most popular ant farm on the market. No wonder! It costs nothing to run, it’s completely self contained and your little ant friends can burrow away in their translucent gel for all they’re worth. They eat the gel as they go so you don’t even need to feed them!

Ant farms tick all the boxes when it comes to kids! They can learn from them (and there’s a lot they can learn), it keeps them interested and they can gain a sense of responsibility by looking after their little pets too!ant farm rankingant farm dividerant farm gteeFor your peace of mind, we’d also like you to know that everything we show at Ant Farm Central comes with a full 100% Money-back Guarantee.FIND OUT ABOUT GEL ANT FARMS

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What’s the Best Ant Farm for you?

Well. it depends what you want it for. If you’re buying one as a gift for a child then there’s no doubt that they’ll appreciate the space age lines and cool illumination feature of the Gel Ant Farm described above. But, if you were to go for the more traditional type, that involves real sand, then it’s possible they might learn a little more about the activities of ants in a somewhat more natural environment.

If you’re thinking that you might want an ant farm as a sort of living ornament then probably the one to go for would be the Illuminated Gel type. They are wierdly attractive and of course, once the ants have carved their way through the gel, no two gel ant farms are ever the same. They make a great conversation piece and, if you have one on your desk at work, then you’ll never be short of visitors. You might not get any work done though! Find out here about Gel Ant Farms.

Which other insects are suitable for children to have as pets?

Ants (Order Hymenoptera)
Ants make great pets
You can buy an ant farm for under $30
Very little maintenance is required
They eat virtually nothing yet are active all the time and perform remarkable feats of tunnelling. They are great to watch and learn from.

Stick insects (Order Phasmidae)
Very interesting when newly hatched, they are active and fun to watch.
As they grow they become much less active and look like, well, sticks. Children?s interest is likely to wane as the insects become more and more static. Require fresh vegetation on a regular basis.

Crickets (Order Orthoptera)
Crickets can make very good pets. The many different species vary considerably in their appearance and show quite a bit of sexual dimorphism (that is, the males and females look different)
They can be quite active, particularly at warmer temperatures and some will sing, given the right encouragement. Require fresh vegetation on a regular basis.

Bees (Order Hymenoptera)
Definitely not for children. Bees are fascinating to keep, and can earn you a little money, but require a good deal of equipment, and care.

Cockroaches (Order Blattodea)
Some parent might blench at the thought of cockroaches in the house but, provided they are properly caged then they are the same as any other insect.
Very active, may show cannibalistic tendencies if food is short, and which some children might find upsetting. Will eat pretty much anything. Hissing cockroaches are very impressive insects.

Millipedes (Order Myriapoda)
Interesting to watch but can spend long periods in an inactive coil, which is pretty boring for children.
Prefer warmer temperatures. Eat detritus. Giant millipedes can be up to 12″ long and as thick as your finger so you will need a large tank or terrarium.